How should we program self-driving cars to react in ethically difficult situations?

This game tries to help answer this question through a global survey.

Help shape the future of autonomous cars AI, suggest new questions, changes and improvements.

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With the way these are set up, "Crash Into Wall" should be an available choice in like, 90% of these.


i love how on the run red light vs hit wall, people still hit the red light, just screw that guy

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On the "ambulance overtaking" level, the car that the ambulance is passing should be pulled over, so that's technically punishing irresponsible behavior too 

or just brake?

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The car brakes in all scenarios. It is not about if the car should break or not, it is about if it should change direction if an accident is unavoidable.

I like this a lot. Naturally, there would be other ways to deal with the situations in real life, but it presents a good ethical question for people in how they'd handle the situation, and how the way people handle things heavily depends on the context and different factors going into it. This is an entertaining form of survey, and a genius idea. I wish more surveys were in this format. 

Why would people hit dogs?!


These cars need better brakes


An interesting little proof of concept. Plants a seed for something more complex.